We are proud to be associated with the various companies and organisations listed below. Without their assistance through sponsorship and support, much of what makes the Bolton 10K an enjoyable and memorable running event would not be possible. More information on their products and services are listed below. There are even some offers exclusive to Bolton 10K finishers!



BUH&AC would like to extend a warm thank you to Fionnuala Geoghegan and her students at the University of Bolton’s Sports and Spinal Injury Clinic. Once again on race day, a team of Sports Rehabilitation Students will provide massages before and after the race at the indoor track, in exchange for a voluntary contribution toward Cancer Research UK. All finishers that have aching muscles are welcome to use this therapeutic facility, though you may have to wait a while!

The University of Bolton’s Sports and Spinal Injuries Clinic is a state of the art teaching clinic in which experts with a knowledge of the latest academic research assess and treat musculoskeletal injuries. Patients can have their conditions assessed and treated by a Sports Rehabilitator or Physiotherapist, or simply come for a sports massage provided by our students. For more information or to book an appointment, simply call 01204 903680. On race day, Staff will also be able to advise as to the appropriate prevention and treatment of injuries.


Turner&Wrights_sign_a02The organisers would like to thank Martin Gilmore and his team at Turner & Wrights for sourcing and delivering the water for athletes at the halfway point and finish area. A ton of weight is off our minds…and literally in the bottles!

Turner & Wrights Ltd has been serving the Independent Retailer for over 50 years, delivering to hundreds of satisfied customers each week throughout the North West and surrounding areas. They stock over 6000 lines which are distributed from our 45,000 sq ft warehouse in Bolton. For sales and deliveries, telephone 01204 673010.



Once again, Bolton 10K would like to thank the Donna Middleton, Gary Sinclair and Steve Marshall at HS Sports for ensuring all of the results are accurately recorded.

HS Sports are one of the largest timing companies in the World and have been supplying tailor-made and cutting-edge timing solutions for a wide variety of sports for over 30 years. A technical partner to the Seiko Corporation, the company has been involved in some of the globe’s most prestigious events, including the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Winter Olympics, World Ice Skating Championships, World Canoe Championships and World Athletics Championships to name a few. Within the UK, HS Sports are responsible for delivering timing and results services to many of the largest running events, including the Great Run Series, timing over 300,000 runners within the UK last year.


Thanks must also be given to those that have helped with information used in the website. Due credit is therefore afforded to Ken Fowler and Paul Turner regarding the Bolton 10K’s past staging. Additional information about the 2011 route was provided by Rev Jim Henderson and Daphne Broadbent of Trinity Chapel, Bury Road.

RunningPixlogonew2Further thanks go to Steve Bateson of Runningpix for the donation of a number of racing photos used on this site. As ever, Steve will be snapping away at various points on the course.

England Athletics accredited officials are required to stage the Bolton 10K. The Race Committee would like to thank Gordon Entwistle for fulfilling the important role of Race Starter, Andrew Shaw for his independent expertise as Race Referee and Damian Brooks (also of Bolton’s Park Run!) for his assistance as Race Adjudicator.

Last, but by no means least, the Organisers would like to thank all the volunteers who have given up their mid-April Sunday mornings over the years. Whether it has been to help set up the course, act as marshals, staff the Registration or help in any other way on, before or indeed after the event, the race truly is not possible without your assistance. If any member (or partner, or parent!) of BUH&AC is unable to race in this year’s Bolton 10K, we’re always in need of help on the day. Please contact us if you can spare an hour or two on Race Day.