Race Headquarters are based inside Leverhulme Park Community Leisure Centre. This opens at 8.00am and it is recommended that you arrive no later than 9.45am, in order to collect AND attach your Number and Timing Chip in good time.


Make your way from the car park entrance by the children’s play area to the indoor running track as indicated in the Venue Map. Click on the B10K Venue Registration image for a larger version. Alternatively, download it in PDF format here.


B10K Venue Registration

Bolton 10K Venue & Registration Area


YOU WILL NEED TO KNOW YOUR RUNNING NUMBER to receive your race chip at the registration desks. Knowing it BEFORE you get to Leverhulme is advisable – this information will be made available via:


1 – ONLINE…at this website in the current ENTRANTS / BIB CHECK section, with regular updates in the run-in to the race.

2 – EMAIL…distributed via your given email address.

3 – POSTERs…on the wall in the Registration area at Leverhulme.


The full list of entrants will be displayed in alphabetical order by SURNAME with an assigned running number.


Registration desks are ordered by the relevant running number. To save time and hassle, please ensure you queue at the correct desk for your running number and chip.


Please attach your Race Numbers to the FRONT of your vest. Do not fold or mutilate it in any way.


A limited number of safety pins will be available for attaching your race number, though it is advisable to bring your own. Pens are also provided for noting medical and next-of-kin contact details on the reverse.


Recycle bins are available for your running pack envelopes. Please use these to minimise the waste in the Sports Centre.


Course maps and further race information will also be displayed.



All positions are decided on competitors’ gun times – this being the time from the start of the race to the time you cross the finishing line. However, race-chip timing, provided by HS Sports, records only the time taken for you to complete the course, so you can compare your time with those of the overall winners.


Please wear your timing chip on your shoe (NOT your arm or waist). If you do not wear your chip on your shoe or within 1 foot (forgive the pun!) of the timing carpets, your time will not be recorded AT ALL and you will not receive a placing. The timing chip does not interfere with GPS, HRM or foot-pod watches.


Fasteners are provided with each chip. Use these to attach the chip to your shoe by threading them under your laces – the chip won’t fall off! Using your laces makes it harder to retrieve the chip after the race. Further instructions are given on the chip envelope and below.


After the race, please return the chip into the collecting bins provided – you should not leave the fenced area with the chip attached. If a runner drops out of the race, please also return the chip to a marshal or Race HQ. They are owned by HS Sports and cannot be used in other races.



A full risk assessment has been undertaken for the 10K Race and Fun-Run. Both are fully marshalled (they’ll be wearing yellow jackets!) by volunteers that have given up their valuable time to support this event. Please treat them with the respect they deserve. Marshals on bicycles will also lead the race and ‘sweep’ behind the rear runner.


Please follow their instructions regarding the race route – failure to do so will result in disqualification. Please note that they have no authority to stop or divert any traffic, pedestrians or other park users, so you must use your own judgement as to whether to it is safe to cross any junction around the course. Whilst your safety is their prime concern, YOU are ultimately responsible for yourself during the race.


In the interests of safety, please observe normal road safety precautions and take particular care at road junctions. Always keep to the left side of the road, making use of the pavements and cycle lanes where available.


Please observe the final instructions of the Runners’ Briefing given by the Race Starter at 9.55am.


Course details are provided in the previous section. Your attention is drawn specifically to three narrow sections of the route:
i) the exit of the track [B] after 300m,
ii) the pedestrian bridge [I-J] after 2.4km, which also features a short patch of uneven ground and five steps, and
iii) the bridleway entrance [T] after 4.3km.
Please take extra care at these particular locations.


The use of headphones for MP3 players is strongly discouraged and may result in disqualification. Clearly, marshal instructions cannot be heard properly, whilst comments or warnings from other runners or road/park users may not be acknowledged. Many people may jog alone listening to music, but in a race situation, their responsibility to act safely towards others as well as themselves is reduced by using such items. This policy is taken in line with UK Athletics rules and policies.


First aid cover is provided along the route and is available at the finish.


If you suffer any problems on the run, stop immediately and report to a marshal.


If you are feeling unwell or injured before the race, please be sensible and do not put yourself or others at risk by starting. Please ensure you have undertaken proper endurance training and if necessary, consulted your GP. Entrants accept that there is a level of risk in endurance running and by starting the race, declare themselves medically fit. Entrants also understand that the organisers will not be held responsible for any loss, injury, illness or damage which may result from their taking part.


If you do have any medical conditions, allergies or requirements, please advise us on your postal entry form in the appropriate space, or via your online application. In case of an emergency, First Aiders can refer to these. All data will be subsequently destroyed. In addition, please take a few moments to note any medical conditions etc. and next-of-kin contact details on the back of your Race Number. Pens are provided at Registration.


If you start the race but do not intend to finish it for whatever reason, please return the finish zone to return your chip and notify race officials of your wellbeing.



If you have provided a mobile phone number, a personalised SMS text with your time and position will be sent to it within seconds of crossing the finish line. This service is provided FREE with your entry.


Full printed results for the Bolton 10K will be available soon after the race at the venue, but are treated as provisional until ratified by the Referee and Organising Committee. It will be on these that the prize ceremony is based – if you believe there may be a problem with the results (e.g. age categorisation), please notify a race official, preferably before the prize-giving! If mistakes are made on the day or omissions discovered later, they can be rectified before the final results are sanctioned. These will appear online at the Official Timer’s website later in the day, with the winners updated on this website later in the week.


A list of winners will also be published at the venue. It always occurs that several prizes go uncollected, particularly in the Age Category sections due to the one-prize-per-person rule. So before you leave Leverhulme Park, just check to see if you are a winner – you may have a pleasant surprise!




Prize presentation…from a legend [2013]!

The main prizes include a commemorative trophy and vouchers redeemable at our sponsor’s running shops. Totalling over £1000, the awards are given as follows:


Men: 1st ten men, 1st u/20 (junior), 1st two o/40, o/45 and o/50, and 1st o/55, o/60 and o/65+.

Women: 1st seven women, 1st u/20 (junior), 1st two o/35, o/40 and o/45, and 1st o/50 and o/55+.

Teams: 1st two men’s teams of 4 members and 1st two women’s team of 3 members.

Course Record: Winning man and woman eligible to a CASH PRIZE of £50 each.


Please note that there is only one individual prize per person (excluding the ‘Course Record’ prize). The race is conducted in age category, except for the main (open age) race. If a runner qualifies for a prize in an open age category, the prize in his/her associated category is awarded to the next finisher in that category. The team prizes are only available to UKA affiliated running clubs. All prizes and positions are decided on gun times. All prizes are at the discretion of the Race Organising Committee.


The Course Record refers to that set on the current route, employed since 2012. The winning man or woman must set a new ‘quickest ever’ based on gun time, beating the times indicated on the results page and on the entry form, currently (as of 2018):  32:05 (men) or 37:54 (women).


The prize ceremony is in the indoor running track and will take place as a soon as possible after the last runner has completed the course (i.e. approximately 11.30am).




All finishers in this year’s 10K Race receive a Tech T-Shirt. They are available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large sizes. Please indicate on your entry form your preferred size.


From being one of the first non-commercial 10K races to acknowledge runners’ achievements with a memento, the Bolton 10K started providing technical training tops in 2011. Within the running community, cotton t-shirt mementos are now rarely worn after a race as they have become widespread and of varying quality. So called “Technical T–shirts” are more appealing – whilst serving as a reminder of your participation, they can actually be used long after the event…for exercise (the very reason you got them)!


Several designs have been employed over the years; the Club’s initials and harrier emblem featured regularly before the comic puns  of 2009-10, but something with meaning was wanted to accompany the major route change in 2011. An idea was born to link the race, course and hosting club in the imagery. So…if you look carefully at the main wording of “The BOLTON Run”, a “10” has been incorporated within the lettering. Underneath is a runner crossing the finishing line holding their hands aloft, which we hope resembles a “K”! The full “10K” race distance is therefore shown. There is also a representation of the course in the ‘finish line’ through which the runner is passing. Close examination will reveal this tape also matches the profile line (do you recognise the two dips and rises of Cinder Hill and Spooky Hill?). 2014’s design developed the idea further by adding the lettering “10K” within the ‘L/1’ and ‘O/0’ of “Bolton”, with “BUH&AC” inside the remaining letters. The colour scheme uses the blue, yellow and white associated with Bolton United Harriers & AC.


Some of the past T-shirt designs are shown below with their associated years – click on them for a larger image. What will this year’s look like?




2006 T-shirt


2008 T-shirt


2009 T-shirt


2010 T-shirt


2011 T-shirt


2012 T-shirt




2013 T-shirt




2014 T-shirt